Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to Choose a Book

My nearly twelve year old boy thinks the one perimeter for a good book is a one word definition:  exciting.  When I recommend a book to him, the first thing he asks is, "Is it exciting?"  Though he has read and enjoyed a few books that do not fall into that category, it is only because I have pleaded with him to read the book.

I finished a book yesterday called Airborn by Kenneth Oppel.  It was exciting.  I finished the book, walked upstairs and thrust it into his hands.

"You need to read this."

"Is it exciting?"

"Yes!  It's kind of like Master and Commander (a movie he loves) only is set aboard an airship.  It's kind of set in history, but a fantasy kind of history."

"What is an airship?"

"It's like the Hindenburg."  I knew that would do the trick--he knows about the Hindenburg and THAT is an exciting story.

"Nah," and puts it aside.

"No, really.  It has guns and knives."

No response.

"It has adventure and . . . PIRATES!  It has pirates!"

No response.

"It has ferocious wild animal attacks."

Nothing.  I rack my brain and try to think like an almost twelve year old boy.  What could entice him to give this book a try?

Then he said, "Is there murder?"

"Yes, there is murder," to which he quickly picked up the book and began to read.

Needless to say, I said nothing of the kiss.

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