Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Neighborhood

A long while ago, Brooke, from Velvet & Linen, did a post about the houses in her neighborhood.  I loved the glimpse at a variety of homes and thought of doing the same tour.  My direct neighbor houses, however, are in varying stages of decay or remodel.  I decided that I would take pictures of my relative neighbors--those within a mile of my home--specifically house that I love.  I finally did it this afternoon.  I didn't take great photos (my son was with me and he was sure the homeowners would either be completely freaked out and call police or, more likely, would run out and smash our camera in a fit of privacy protection), the light wasn't ideal and my camera isn't expensive.  Some of these are houses we walk by every day and have loved over the past five years.  Here are my favorites:

This has been restored since we moved here.  I love how they kept the character of the home but used modern, energy efficient materials.  


This house is crying out for someone to love it.  Every time I see it I think of how it needs me.  I love the orange clay brick--especially against the worn teal paint.

This is another that has been remodeled in the last couple of years.  The colors are beautiful.  I love the dark wood of the door and cedar shingles.

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of this one because it is my favorite.  I love the brick, the English Tudor style, the green, the artfully arranged roof lines.  

Another view.

Beautiful craftsman in pea green.  I am a sucker for green every time.

The brick, the walls of windows, the three stories . . . even I would live in a duplex if it were this pretty.

This house is so much cooler in person.  Oh, well.  She grows a beautiful cottage garden each summer with bright pink roses.  The pink next to that dramatic blue is lovely.  Again, the wooden door.

And there are four others whose pictures failed.  I will try to get them another day.  Do you see a pattern because I don't.  I'm sure there is no way to blend all of these styles and colors to create a lovely Someday House.  Thank you, dear neighbors.  If I have to look at the ugliest house in the neighborhood every day (across the street), at least I enjoy your beautiful homes when I walk past.

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  1. How fun! The architecture there is so much different than the architecture here. I should do this where I run downtown - there are a lot of really beautiful old homes down there. The pattern I see? Wooden door, well-kept, earthy colors, cool architectural style.