Thursday, November 18, 2010

No Longer Funny

I have been hormonally balanced for, like, months.  I weaned my baby nearly a year ago and there is not a new one cooking.  I happened to be browsing through some of my blog posts from my first year blogging--the year when I was most crazy.  My husband was Lost In Action to the college campus, I was trying to build an office for him in the back of the garage, I had this brand new baby who was rather high maintenance, and I still had the other four children.  Yes, I really was crazy.  I wonder sometimes how I made it through that year and other, similar hard patches.

But, here's the thing.  My posts were funny.  I sat in my living room giggling all by myself at the two-years-ago me.    Then I re-examined my last several offerings.  Blah.  Opinionated.  Annoying.  Smarty-pants.  None were funny.  None made me giggle.

I used to think I could never be truly funny because I had a perfectly normal childhood, love being a mother, and am straight.  I have no angst, no one to prove wrong.

Last night it was made clear to me that I can only be funny when I am sleep-deprived, have sore muscles, am worked beyond my strength, have hormones imbalanced, smell like sour milk and am grumpy about not fitting my jeans . . . still.  Now that my jeans fit, no one in my house needs twenty-four hour holding and my crazy has subsided, I have nothing to contribute to the good humor of the universe.

Reason number seventeen that I need another baby:  Apparently I do better when I'm on the verge of going over.  (Is that redundant?)


  1. I think you're funny. Every time I read your blog I smile & think, "I am so glad she has a blog!"

  2. Sometimes you are hysterical, but what I love most is how you are able to write about the truly important things of family and motherhood so eloquently. You point out the beauty of what many would consider mundane.