Wednesday, November 3, 2010

She has a Son?

My fourth pod is nearly five years old.  She is so sweet.  I adore her--and I'm pretty sure I would even if she weren't my child.

I'm a big believer in naming children after people.  It gives them someone to look up to and emulate and there is an instant connection to a person of quality.  I also have to love the name, it has to jive with our last name, and people must be able to pronounce it.  Without these simple rules, we would have ended up with Marjorie, Eowyn, Beatrix, Barbara, Caroline, Mary and June.  Anyway, this particular child is named after the mother of a prophet.

Today in her prayer, she said, "Thank you for my son."

(Points awarded to whomever can identify the above named women!)

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  1. I'll give it a ago:
    Marjorie Hinckley
    Eowyn ?
    Beatrix Potter
    Barbara Bush?
    Caroline Ingalls
    Mary- mother of Jesus
    June Cleaver

    How'd I do??:)

  2. Betsy....Betsy....Betsy,

    Eowyn - is none other than the "non"-Man (thereby defying the prophecy), courageous woman who faces and defeats the Leader of the Black Riders, the Nazgul (with some help from the hobbit, Merry).

    Eowyn, the niece of King Theoden of the Rohan- one of JRR Tolkien's greatest characters in Lord of the Rings.

  3. Betsy--you know me so well. I'm glad to have you. I'm sorry you don't know Eowyn.

    Abe--BwaHahahahahahahahaha!! YES! You know her and love her, of course. Yes, one of the greatest female characters in literature.

  4. Well, no son now, but she is 5. It is only about 20 minutes until she'll be 25...and probably marry someone and move A LONG WAY AWAY!

    I miss those kids of yours!