Saturday, November 20, 2010

Slumber Party

I went to the Slumber Party last night.  I posted questions about it some time ago and decided I would follow the advice you gave.  You were split.  Some of you suggested it was no problem, others said it was a little iffy and others said a firm "No Way!"  I decided to go for several reason.  I went to the host (my friend) and told her my worries.  I told her what I could be comfortable with and what would have been going too far.  She spoke with the saleslady and was reassured that the first half of the presentation would be massage oil and body glitter kind of stuff.  Okay, that's completely fine.  I wouldn't feel uncomfortable about that because it's indirect.  I told my friend I would only stay as long as I felt comfortable, but would probably not make it past the first half.

When I arrived at the party, I explained to the saleslady that I was nervous being there.  She asked what I was nervous about, so I told her.  I was hoping my upfront honesty would temper her.  If it did, I would really hate to see what she was usually like.

Oh, my goodness.  You do not want to go to one of these.  There was too much information, it was crude, crass and vulgar.  It was not all in good fun, but was all about--well, I can't tell you.  I can't tell you what she said that was so offensive.  I can't write it down.  I could barely even tell my husband the tasteless language she used, the uncouth suggestions and the embarrassing stories.  Even the way she presented a normally acceptable cream or lotion was disgusting.

I would have walked out the door within five minutes, but she had taken my coat and I didn't know where to find it.  Because I had taken such precautions by talking to the host and the saleslady, I really thought it would be fine.  It was not.  Seriously.  I felt like I was tricked.  (This was not the fault of my friend, by the way.  She had been to one of these before and said it was set up more like a display where you could browse and then order privately.)

I'll just get what I need at Walgreens.  Thanks, anyway.


  1. I wonder if the saleslady made it worse for you when you expressed your concerns. Obviously backfired. Ugh!!! So sorry!

  2. I wondered what it would be like. I was hoping you'd do a follow up. The slumber party wave swept through Salt Lake a couple of years ago (I'm sure it's still sweeping, I just haven't heard lately about it). There were a couple of letters read in Sacrament meeting about them specifically. Crazy huh? The reason I just didn't have a desire to go was because I don't want to know the stories of my neighbors and friends. I mean it comes out indirectly at say, book club, or GNO but at a venue like "that" I can only imagine how much everyone would share. My only regret was to not call the sales person, at the time she was serving in the young womens, and just tell her that I wasn't comfortable coming, instead I didn't say anything. 13th article of faith, you know.