Thursday, December 2, 2010

On Having Older Kids

When I was in eleventh grade, I had to take a career course (never mind that I took four years of orchestra, two years of choir, and one year of drama--those weren't considered plausible career options).  I took a cooking class.

Our teacher had been married for about five years.  One day, several of us wondered aloud when she was going to have children.  She replied that they never planned to have children.  We were aghast.  How could you not want children?  I will never forget her reply.  She explained how she loved little babies, but "then they turn into snotty and bratty seven year olds."

I think about her often and wonder if her life, fifteen years later, is lonely.

We had our first advent devotional last night.  In previous years, the questions were answered quickly and without too much discussion.  Now, with those "snotty and bratty" older children, we had a rather scintillating conversation about the importance of Christ, His vital role and how His birth was less about a baby and more about the life and death and resurrection of the man.

While I love the little babies, I think I am a much better mother to older children.  (I've told you this before.)
I love getting to know them, learning a new point of view, answering questions.  They don't need me to wipe them, cut their waffles or pull on their shoes.  They certainly still need me, but in such a fulfilling way.

Last night, as we turned off all the lights except those of the newly decorated tree and the tiny Christmas Town and listened to the inspired music of Handel's Messiah, I thanked God for my precious big kids.  It was a moment I want to forever hold in my memory.  There are a few perfect moments in this life.  As I looked around the room at each sweet face, listening quietly, feeling the Spirit, and looking at the tree with the older ones holding the younger ones, I knew this was one of those priceless, forever moments.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Adcock.  You could have had this.

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  1. I love being a mother & can't imagine never having the chance to share my life & learn from my little family!!! Beautiful picture -