Saturday, December 11, 2010

To Keep My Mind Off Him

My son is about to perform in the Nutcracker matinée.  We were able to go to opening night last night, but since this is a professional production and not just a recital, the tickets cost actual money.  When you combine the celebration root beer floats, the babysitter, and tickets, well, it's a once-a-year treat.  I had to just drop him off at the theater!  I can't check to make sure his costume is on right, I can't straighten the part in his hair, I can't give him last minute reminders and I certainly can't just stand in the back and bawl all over myself.  It's about to start, so to keep my mind off of my boy, I'm going to write some random things to you.  Thanks for understanding.

  1. Remember that scene in As Good as it Gets when the Helen Hunt character reads the thank you letter to the Jack Nicholson character?  He had done something thoughtful and it was life-changing for her and her son.  She wrote this rambling, multi-page letter thanking him.  He refused to read it so she read it to him.  There was a lot of snot and tears.  I want to write the same kind of letter to my son's ballet teachers, but I'm pretty sure it would freak them out (and they wouldn't let me be in control of their website anymore).
  2. I bought some wrapping paper without looking at it too carefully.  It says Xmas all over it.  I know the X comes from the Greek word for Christ (Χριστός), but it looks like there is an X over the Christ part of Christmas.  I found myself strategically placing the bows and tags on the wrapped gifts.  Is that weird?
  3. Now that I know we will be selling the house this spring, I want to get going on the packing and final touches, but I can't until after Christmas.  I do not do well with waiting.
  4. Not that I have any time for #3 because I am up to my neck in Christmas.  I have Christmas treats to compile, visiting teaching to fulfill, costumes to figure for my kids in the church nativity, gifts to buy/make/wrap, an advent to continue . . . .
  5. I'm feeling bad about not sending Christmas cards this year.  I love to do it.  I love to write the letter, to think of my friends as I address the envelopes, and to pick a card.  I love to receive Christmas cards, too.  Stamps are just too expensive for us to pull off this year.
  6. My niece is getting married on December 28th.  She is going to the temple on the 23rd.  For those of you who aren't a member of my church, going to the temple for the first time is a really big deal.  I just couldn't miss it.  My husband, however, has to work through most of Christmas break.  The only way we could work it so I could be there for Ariel and with my family for Christmas is two trips.  Yes, up and back, then up and back.  It is going to be a lot of travel.
  7. Because of the crazy Christmas schedule, I have to have Christmas ready by the 20th.  That's all the food, gifts, activities and travel supplies.  It makes for a short prep period, but I'm hopeful that by having it all done, it will be a nice holiday.
  8. My husband and three of his classmates had to come up with a business plan for a pharmacy.  They presented their proposal yesterday and, based on votes from their class, they won.  They will now go on to compete regionally.  It is super exciting and, I don't mean to brag, but it was Justin's idea.  Okay, I do mean to brag on him a bit.  I'm so happy he's mine.  
  9. Why must I love shoes?  Why couldn't I have loved dishtowels from the thrift store or thumb tacks or some other thing that you can pick up for ten cents?
  10. On a normal day, every room in my house is cleaned at least once.  They are never all clean at the same time.  I am pretty terrified of having to have my house ready to view at a moment's notice.  Plus, the housing market is in the toilet right now, so I'll probably have to have it clean for, like, months!  It may be enough to put me in an asylum. 
  11. There is this Christmas song called God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Barenaked Ladies.  It starts so great, with great guitar, bass, and fun harmonies.  Then Sarah McLaughlin starts singing and I have to turn it off.  She RUINS the song.  She is the whiniest singer ever recorded. 
  12. My Fancy Nancy daughter wants long, wavy hair more than anything.  Her hair is thin and brittle.  My other daughter, who claims to be more "boyish," has that beautiful thick hair.  One more example of how life is unfair.
  13. Would it be bad to just eat all of the sugar cookie dough and never see them through to rolling, cutting, baking and frosting them?  I had a roommate in college who would make cookie dough and give us bowls of it to eat.  I loved her.  Her name was Joy.  Do you think my neighbors would mind terribly if I gave them a bowl of cookie dough instead of some glorious treat platter?
  14. When I told my dad we were moving home, he yahooed.  He isn't a yahooer.  It was the best.
  15. My paperwhites are blooming.  I wanted to show you, but they are in front of a mirror.  A mirror reflects everything it sees so you would have seen my table with lunch dishes still waiting to be cleared, the floor filled with pine needles, random toys and rice and me (and I don't match the vignette I want to show you).  Instead you get the always clean ceiling.

Well, I suppose the kid is nearly done with his part in the ballet.  This distraction worked.  Thanks.  (:


  1. Oh, how wonderful! I hope that he did great - I am glad you got to see the production once so you can visualize what's happening all the way through. :)

  2. I am not allowed to eat cookie dough- only in secret. Chay has a big issue with raw eggs. But last year for CHristmas our neighbor gave us a big roll of cookie dough wrapped in plastic with a note that said, "Have some dough for Christmas" it was adorable- we froze it and ate it in Feb.

    I love Sarah McLaughlin. Oh I would take her any day over Barenaked Ladies- I don't really think they should be singing together anyway- well barenaked ladies isn't even a band anymore

    so you won't be home on Christmas day??? Dang it. We wanted to see your cute family and your house- and your life. Plus seeing you would be a nice break from the Father in law and step mother in law-

  3. Nice list! Yup, I am sooooo excited to have you guys so much closer. I miss you and those kids. We are excited about seeing you soon!