Sunday, December 26, 2010


This was not my flight attendant. Just another sad one.
After a short stay with my family, my daughter and I flew home on Christmas Eve. We had a series of long delays and plane swaps. On the last leg of our journey, we sat on the tarmac for a long time. We were sitting on the front row of a really little airplane--right in front of the flight attendant. She couldn't unbuckle because she had already leaned over to the cockpit and said, "Cabin is secure" so we were stuck staring at each other. Rather than sit and stare at each other, we began to visit. She was from LA. We were no where near LA. She is single so she couldn't just move Christmas, as a lot of people who work on the holiday often do, because she celebrated with her sister's family. This was the first year that her niece was old enough to understand Santa and was so excited for his visit. Joanna was supposed to have Christmas off so she had been anticipating the festivities. Instead, she would be stuck in a hotel, all alone, in a strange city for Christmas Eve.

I have five children (the fun of Christmas). We had plenty of food. I was supposed to invite our flight attendant for Christmas, but I chickened out. My husband doesn't like surprises, so I didn't feel like I could spring that big of a surprise on him. I should have asked him right when I got off the airplane and then waited for her to finish working. There would have been plenty of time and, when I asked him on the way home, he said it would have been fine with him.

I am completely tortured. I ignored a generous thought; when I could have been the Good Samaritan and shared my children's Christmas joy, I was a wimp. Maybe she would have declined, but I didn't even give her the chance. I hope if I'm ever given the chance again, I will respond better. I have utterly disappointed myself.

Once again, I am thankful for repentance.

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  1. I'm sorry you are tormented. I would love to hear more of your trip and how it came to be that is was only you and one child.
    Sounds like fun.