Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bathroom Unveiling

I know I have a problem with "before" pictures.  I keep intending to take them, but I get so excited to start my projects that I forget.  Here is a picture of my baby with the dreadful roofing sheet metal shower stall behind her.  You can see the hard water minerals that have barnaclized on the the bolt heads and the improvised bar.  What you can't see is the bad caulk, the torn metal around the faucets where repairs needed to be made without access being left, the shower plumbing left outside of the metal and the total lack of shelving for the shampoo bottle or a bar of soap.

This is what was behind the metal.  We had to remove several layers from here.

And now . . .

Tile, shelving (some is hidden by the curtain), clean and tight caulk, new plumbing, repaired walls and new paint.

And clean.

Now I must catch up on all of my other tasks.  A "day job" has never looked so easy.  (:


  1. Ohhhh... Oh my gosh...
    Em, this is beautiful!
    I love the gleaming clean fresh functional look.
    I love the wall color too.
    I imagine that the room looks bigger.
    Your kids love it too, don't they?
    So wonderful...
    You are not afraid of anything...
    I admire you --and all your helpers.

  2. This looks fantastic Emily! Congratulations!

    I feel bad that you didn't get to use the chainsaw though...

    Or did you?

    Really looks great!

  3. Oh my goodness, this looks absolutely fantastic!! very impressive.

  4. It's gorgeous! Well done! I hope it is a source of enjoyment for your last few months in this home.