Friday, January 7, 2011

The Final Project

We have been busy in the first few days of the new year.  The goal is to have the house ready to put on the market by the first of February.  Normally, that would be the simple task of cleaning, organizing and staging the house.  I don't believe in being normal. . . apparently.
This house was a classic "fixer-upper" when we purchased it over five years ago.  Since we've had to eat, sleep and bathe here, we couldn't just do all the remodel at once.  Also, since we were on a student budget, we couldn't afford to do it all at once.  So, over the past five years, we have slowly worked on restoring each room in the house.

The bathroom was one of the first jobs we tackled.  The floor was particularly troublesome.  Next to the bathtub and toilet, the floor was squishy.  I was pregnant when we moved in and was taking a bath one day.  I couldn't relax because, with the extra weight of the water in the tub, I knew the floor was going to give way at any moment.  I kept picturing myself pregnant, naked and dead after a sudden and violent plunge to the basement.  

After I had the baby, I began the work of tearing up layer after layer of linoleum, press board, and other rotten flooring.  The good news was that the seven layers of flooring had protected the wooden sub-floor.  It was completely sound.  We laid a new floor, put in a new sink and improved the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.

Except the shower.

Yesterday, we tackled the shower.  The previous renters had decided roofing sheet metal was the best way to protect the wall behind it.  They forgot that it was impossible to keep clean--cleansers etched the metal and there were bolt heads every four inches--and the glue they used to caulk would not separate from the metal, but allowed water to seep between the tub and the wall.  Fantastic.

Enlisting the help of our five pods, we removed sheet metal, press board, green board, wallpaper, rotten plaster and broken lath.

A woman after my own heart, she proclaimed, "I LOVE this!  I think I want to be in construction when I grow up!"


 Eww.  Grody wallpaper.

I know, pajamas and messy hair.  We also had Arby's for dinner.  It was a work day.

No one was allowed to cop out.  Even the two year old helped peel wallpaper.

Yes, we were all barefoot.  We are all current on our shots.  Don't judge. (:

Today, I am mudding.  With any luck, the walls will begin getting tile tonight.  

I am glad to be on the final big project we will complete in this house, but it is a little sad.  I have loved improving our home and making our little corner of the world a more beautiful (and safe) place.  I will post after pictures soon.  Stay posted.

The MotherShip


  1. "Yes, we were all barefoot. We are all current on our shots. Don't judge. (:"

    ........I'm dying.........

    .......Laughing, that is........

  2. What! No Chainsaw! How can you think to start a project like this in the middle of the DAY!

    I thought I taught you better than that....11:00 p.m. Remember!!!

    What a job. Good luck! Love the does OSHA...

  3. Tell your big girl that is NOT construction... it is demolition.

    We need people who like that tho... I personally think it is the hardest part of any job.

    This was homeschool of a different kind... I LOVE it!

  4. when I saw the fingernail size pic of Eliza I totally had a flash back of our childhood! Kinda tripped me out...Emily I love you! I think your pretty great! and I am glad you didn't plunge pregnant and naked to your death...That would have sucked!

  5. I laughed out loud at this entire post!!! I especially love the look on the face of Pod 3 in the mirror, whilst peeling off the yucky wallpaper. So classic!! Can't wait to see the finished product.