Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Magic 8 Ball

My newly minted twelve year old was getting mostly useful gifts for his birthday.  Though he is at that age where useful gifts are wanted, he is still young enough to want to play.  When I saw the Magic 8 Ball, I knew we had found the thing.

It has turned out to be a more valuable asset than we could have hoped.  We have learned the fates of us all--which is such a relief.  I am so glad to know that my daughter will be a princess, my husband will "most likely" graduate from college, someone will do the dishes and none of my children will have an ugly spouse.  We know that I will finish the bathroom remodel and the house has a good chance of selling, though it is "hazy" whether we will ever have that boy a brother.

It has come in handy in other ways as well.  When, at 9:30 pm, the boy wanted to know whether Dad would watch a movie with him, we just referred him to the Magic 8 Ball.  "Not a chance!"  YES!  That is right!

"Does my dad like the movie Strange Brew?"  I mean, if you were looking for a litmus test, you have found it.  When the Magic 8 Ball answered, "It is certain," we all knew the thing was a ligit seer.

Then things started reeling out of control.  When I asked for the dust pan, the boy had to refer to the Magic 8 Ball before he could know whether he should get it for me.

"Did you have a good day?" check the Magic 8 Ball.

"Will you go away for a minute so Dad and I can discuss something?"  Check the Magic 8 Ball.

The answer to the question, "Am I annoying my parents?" was answered with an, "All signs point to yes."


My smart and talented husband decided he was going to invent a parent's version of the Magic 8 Ball.  The answers within would be along the lines of

  • Go to Bed
  • Not in This Lifetime
  • Just Leave Her Alone
  • Maybe Means Maybe
  • Go Back to Bed
  • I Can't Understand Whine
  • If it Doesn't Apply to You, I Wasn't Talking to You
and, of course,
  • Go Ask Your Mother
Please pardon me, I think I need to contact Procter and Gamble.


  1. I didn't know they still made these THINGS! How funny. There was one around the school when I was a kid. I disremember who owned it, certainly wasn't me!

  2. Ha ha ha! Thanks for the good chuckle this morning.

  3. funny how some toys go from awesome to slightly annoying very quickly. :)

    I'd totally buy the parent 8 ball though

  4. I can't wait for the bathroom remodel 'afters'. Not in this lifetime--ha.