Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nearly Done

The thing about old houses is, you never know what the project will entail.  When we tore down the wall of the shower, I expected to find a thoroughly rotten wall.  Instead, though there were rotten layers, the wall was dry as a bone (not a bone still in your body, that would be quite wet, no, the animal kind that has been bleaching in the field for a couple of years).  Instead, the plumbing gave us trouble.

After the plumbing was all repaired, I thought we had had our surprise problem.  Not so.

The rest of the problems were not the fault of the old bones (hmm, bones again . . .) of my beautiful bungalow.  They were MY fault.  First, in the middle of a big project which held the only shower in the house hostage, I got a terrible stomach flu.  I was out for two days.  (Lest you think we were all living mimics of Pig Pen, the bath was accessible . . . ish.)

Second, I had a serious grout problem.  I won't go into the whole thing, but I'll just let you know that I made a stupid mistake then punished myself (subconsciously) into solving the problem the hardest way possible.  After ninety minutes, my husband, armed with the internet, intervened and handed me a much easier solution.  It was still a hard process, but, if the grout had animation capabilities, it would have forgiven me.

Third, I planned on painting the whole bathroom (including the parts of the repaired walls that weren't behind the tile) the existing color.  I knew I had half of a gallon in the basement which would have been enough.  Upon opening the can, I realized that the last time the can was used, presumably by me, the lid was not secured tightly. The top two inches of the paint was solidified which rendered the whole can useless.  Instead of painting the top third of two walls and touching up the other walls, I am re-painting the whole friggen bathroom.

But, it is almost done.  My body is tired, my hands are cracked and scraped and my family needs me.  A week is what I budgeted.  With the time lost from sickness, I am officially going to go one day over.  Oh, well.

Here is a sneak peek--complete with snoozing two year old.

She is now in pajamas in her bed.  I am going to follow her lead.  I am bone tired (heh, heh, heh).

Goodnight, my dears.

The MotherShip


  1. The paint problem may be a blessing in disguise. If the paint had been in your garage, in Idaho, odds are it has frozen at some point, and 90% of the time when paint freezes, the color changes a little. It's not drastic, and usually you don't notice while it's wet. But once it dries, you can see a definite difference between the new places and the old. Someone did that in one of the bedrooms in our current house and it looked like they used an entirely different paint. When we asked the owners what happened, they said they did touch ups with the same paint they had originally painted with, but it had been out in the garage for 10 months.
    So, painting the whole bathroom is better than painting just part, and THEN realizing you're going to have to go back and paint the whole thing anyway.

  2. HOW is she sleeping like that????

  3. Emily,
    You are my hero!
    That's all.

  4. can't wait to see the final pic...looks amazing now!