Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Step Closer; Kitchen

The month of January has been dedicated to prepping the house for sale.  For many of you, this wouldn't be much of a problem, but for a generally haphazard gal like myself, it is a big undertaking.  Here is my kitchen and adjoining mudroom.

What you can't see is inside the cabinets, under the sink and behind the fridge.  All corners and hidden places, as well as the more visible ones, are clean!!

Since a house, like a garden or a child, is never done, there are still a few things that can be done to improve these spaces.  I have hesitated to show pictures of my rooms because I know what isn't just right.  I'm sure most of you will spot those things, too, but I have run out of time.

But, it snowed today.  Soon this room is destined to look like this:

At least I have pictures to prove that it was clean.


  1. ok Emily- you have done WONDERS to that darling little house. I love the kitchen and mud room- bead board- looks so fun and personalized- the home is so fun.

    some young couple, I think, will walk in and say "oh my gosh, this is perfect!"

    Show more pictures will ya? I want to see the living room and dining room- and the table you made out of a door. Didn't you paint your kitchen cabinets white? They look sort of green in the pictures- they look good.

    oh and just one thing- People ask me for advice sometimes and I know you DIDN'T but: I love the Families are Forever and plate thing going on above the mud room door- LOVE IT! but maybe it was just the angle of the picture- but I think it needs to come down just a smidge so it flows with the entry way and not floating off into space. It needs to be friends with the kitchen and mud room more and not so much the ceiling.

    Show more...I want to see the whole show. I am amazed at what you have done Emily. You are so talented.

  2. AMAZING!! I cannot believe what you have done. It looks so cozy and clean and perfect! Well done, friend. I'm sorry to say I think my face is a shade of green right now-- envy of my friend's talent will do that to me!
    Love you!

  3. Amazing! You do great work - and love the before & after mud room. At least you have one, right?

  4. THANK YOU, friends, for your kind words. They really help me want to keep going.

    April~~The cabinets used to be white. I painted the uppers a cream and the lower are green. I found myself washing the cabinet fronts WAY too much, so opted for something not so impossible.

    And, you are exactly right about the sign above the door. When I was on the ladder, it looked right. When I climbed down, I realized it was too high. So why haven't I fixed it? My walls are all plaster and it is super hard to hang things. I'm lazy. (:

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous and lovely and just like all of those pictures you have posted of houses you dream of---way to go! But it might be hard to part with a house that has sweat invested into it:) I cried when leaving my other house even though my current one is so much bigger, and so much the better......but all of those memories and projects and everything! Oh well, on to the next house to start again! Your kitchen looks amazing!

  6. You really have done some great work with your home! It will be tough to leave....

  7. You're remarkable. It looks amazing! I guess if I want mine done I have to put it on the market. :( (Oh, and move to Northern Idaho, while I'm moving, right?)