Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Perfect Time to Plan Meals

I can remember my mother sitting at the kitchen table with a partial list sitting in front of her.  Her forehead would be on her fist and her brow would be tightly knitted.  "What do you guys want for dinner?" she would holler through the house.  We would blurt out our perennial favorites, "Lasagna, Tacos, NOT LENTILS!!" until she had at least a couple of more meal ideas written down on her bi-weekly menu.  It was an excruciating task for a woman who didn't really enjoy being in the kitchen (much less coming up with things to prepare once in the room).

Unlike my mother, I don't really mind the task of meal planning.  I do sometimes get stumped or find us rotating the same fourteen day menu for weeks at a time.  So boring--and I hate boring.

I fasted today for religious reasons.  I ate dinner last night, but didn't eat again until 5 o'clock this evening.  Now, I unintentionally go without food every so often.  (I am the MotherShip to five pods and they can be very demanding.  Also, sometimes I get busy with my projects and I forget to eat.)

But, days when I have to fast?

Well, there was this old seminary video about fasting where everything turned into food.  The clock, I remember, was a pizza.  That's kind of me.  I have improved over the years and thought I was much better at fasting (ie, my focus was not on the pizza clock), until today.

Even though I was fasting about something really important, today, I began thinking about food I loved.

Today, I remembered the penny pitchers adage that you should never go grocery shopping when you are hungry.

Today, I figured writing a list wasn't the same as grocery shopping.  It wouldn't be impulse buying, then.

Today I thought, Fasting is the perfect time to make up my grocery list.  

Today, during church services, I wrote down twenty-one meals, thirteen specialized side dishes, ten breakfasts, and ten desserts that required not-on-hand ingredients.

I think I have had a no-more-monotony meal planning break through.

You can totally steal my idea.  I wouldn't feel like such a sinner if you did it too.

Your Sister in Crime

(If you want to know more about the religious aspects of fasting, click here.)


  1. Fantastic idea! I can see how those conditions would foster a little culinary creativity. I'm totally trying this next month! Thanks for the tip!

  2. The idea of meal planning while fasting is a good one-- but I want DETAILS--- I want the actual list that you made!

  3. Now this is the funniest! I love the way you think.