Monday, January 10, 2011

Read the Four Gospels by Easter

 As careful as I am about keeping Christ in Christmas (not to be to cliche, but it applies), I don't do as well with Easter.  Last year I tried to do an advent of sorts for Easter.  I thought I would do something with the Last Week of Christ.  Remembering the age and attention span of my children, I wanted to keep each night's devotional to just a couple of verses and found that very difficult to do with a whole week of very full days.

This year, we came up with a new goal.  We are going to read the Four Gospels by Easter.  That way, there isn't too much information all at once, but we can read all about the life of Christ.  (The last week is about the Road to Emmaus and the Ascension and actually falls the week after Easter.)

I have divided up the gospels so that we are reading approximately the same stories as recorded in the different gospels at approximately the same time.

Here is my chart (click on the chart to expand):

If you have younger readers who want to participate, but can't struggle through the actual scripture, I put down the chapters in the children's reader.  If you don't have the children's reader, you can read them online here.  The children can also watch them (kind of like a slide show) here.

None of the assignments are very long.  Ten to Twenty minutes of reading each day should be enough time for most readers.

I am excited about this new plan.  This way, we have sixteen weeks to celebrate Easter, rather than one candy-crazed morning.


  1. You made that chart???! Awesome! thanks for sharing it. I was so excited when we got a copy. We've been working on it and it goes right along with my gospel doctrine lessons. Score! Thanks!