Thursday, February 3, 2011


My son recently purchased an original Tetris game cartridge from ebay.

He had been playing an inferior free version online and had been frustrated with it.  When he found it on ebay for less than a Happy Meal, he ordered it right away.

The cartridge came yesterday.  He was so excited and plugged it into his gameboy right away.  The credits lit up the screen and he burst into that barky kind of laughter.  

"OHH, MY GOSH!!  This thing was made in 1989!  No, way!  Did they even have computers back then?"

Good grief.  When did 1989 get to be so long ago?  I distinctly remember the arrival of the Gameboy and the now-ancient Tetris.  I can still sing the song, for crying out loud.

After the initial hilarity of the chance that something SO OLD could still be held in his hands, he started playing the game.

And hasn't put it down since.

Take that, young pups!

Errr, some other way clever come-back.


  1. I was not and am not a big fan of video games, but even I liked Tetris when I was a kid. But if I played it too much, my mind continued playing it even after my hands had stopped. I think I started hallucinating Tetris.

  2. @Betsy FoxI feel the same way about video games. What is it about Tetris? It gets even the most resistant of us!

  3. You should have seen my kids when we bought the original Mario Brothers. I suddenly sky-rocketed up in their opinion.