Friday, February 11, 2011

Cleaning Report

I have been unloading the dishwasher while the dishes are still hot enough to burn my fingers.  I have been folding laundry straight from the dryer.  I have been putting dinner left-overs in tupperware before it is cool.  I have been washing the windows (at least the lower half) every morning.  I have been vacuuming every day.  I have been making my children's beds with annoying precision.  I have banned play and laughter and fun.  My house has never been this clean for this long.

At first I was kind of bored with being clean.  After everything was clean, I didn't want anyone to touch anything so we would sit and stare at each other.  That didn't last long.  We re-introduced school because it was the right thing to do.  But, by school, I mean NO science projects, NO cutting, pasting or markers, and NO complex physics experiments.  We are filling out papers, workbooks and giving oral presentations.  Uninspiring to be sure.  Lucky for us, reading, writing and math are all tidy activities.

I am in the second week of keeping the house clean selling the house.  Now I am frustrated with all that I can't get done.  I can't do projects because there is the potential that someone will want to see the house.  It's a weird thing.  We live here, but we can't really live here, ya' know?  I feel behind with other things in my life because I'm just cleaning all day long.  (And, have you noticed that the more you clean, the more dirt you see to be cleaned?  UG!)

I know some women who are frustrated with being a stay-at-home mom.  I have always loved it and could never truly understand those women.  Now I do.  If I thought staying at home meant cleaning all day, I would have gone back to work years ago.

I'm not complaining, mind you.  I'm glad that so many people are coming to see the house.  The more viewers, the better chance that one will be a buyer, but it is a lackluster existence.

Maybe we'll take up family running.  That's clean.  And out of the house.

Oh, here's the new Laundry Chute I made.

I used to have a basket with the bottom cut out of it, but visitors always thought it was a garbage can.  I was always finding garbage (bad bathroom garbage) in my laundry.  Eww, right?  I think it's a little more clear now.

Fully functional.


  1. You might be overly worried. You must check out the pictures for this house listing:

    I am sorely tempted to schedule a viewing just because I want to see if it still looks like this but I know the realtor and don't want him trying to sell me on this or any other house in his portfolio (we are actually looking in this area, just not at anything he has for sale).

  2. oh Emily I love being a stay at home mom. Not always but I do now. Something clicked and I have never been happier. My house is never tidy but I love that there are lost markers on the floor, little dolls hidden behind the bathroom door, trios under the piano and messy beds from jumping. I love it. I was thinking that today as we were shopping. My girls were helping me find things on my list and all the while they were singing "Favorite Things" on the top of my lungs and I just had to smile. My babies have made my body go sour and I haven't slept normally for 5 years- my hair is wrapped up in a knot and my pea-coat has slobber stains...but I have never been happier.

    My best friend Emily Nordstrom's mom has the funniest saying hanging in her kitchen "boring women have clean kitchens" so funny.

    anyway good luck selling.

  3. I've been looking at a few blogs lately that are touting simplicity and the pictures of simple/clean homes (yours included, my dear) are driving me crazy. I am on a mission to declutter and organize. You are an inspiration.
    I LOVE the laundry box/chute. Why are there no laundry chutes in newer home? I guess they can be dangerous? But they make life beautiful (and clean)!

  4. Wow! We had a "laundry chute" in our lower ranch house. That thing was a blast to play in!