Sunday, February 6, 2011


My favorite game as a child was "Orphan."  I think I told you about this once.  I'm afraid we have not done a good job explaining what it really means to be an orphan.

Tonight, we were all getting in to the car.  Everyone was stepping on someone's toes, jabbing elbows into ribs, whining, calling names, crying and creating a terrible hullabaloo.  Justin and I were just looking at each other with that, they are driving me crazy look and trying to decide whether to laugh or cry.

My husband finally informed them that we were going to drop them off at the orphanage.  Immediately, the back seat rang out with,

"HOORAY!!!  YEAH!!!  Oh, really, Daddy?  Really?  Do we get to go to an orphanage? I'm so EXCITED!!"

So, the crying was out.  Everyone stopped fighting and we laughed the whole way home.

Boy, oh, boy am I glad the whole crazy, musical-loving, romantic, and absurd passel is mine.


  1. A few weeks ago my 11 year old informed me (right after he found himself in serious trouble for stealing my MP3 player) that he wanted to go to foster care or an orphanage. He was completely serious. He has the whole movie image of an orphanage in his head. Plus, he's adopted so add in a helping of fantasies of having royalty as birth parents or being adopted by people nicer than me and my husband.
    Anyway, I talked to my friend who is a social worker for the state, and we arranged for him to meet some kids about his age that live in a halfway house (modern version of an orphanage for kids in between foster homes).
    He had lunch with them. They told them about life as they know it. He hasn't begged to go to foster care since.

  2. @Brandi OH MY GOSH! Brandi, that is genius. You should tell the whole story on your blog.