Saturday, March 12, 2011


I am a mega-dreamer.  Nearly every morning I have at least one dream that I can remember.  Pregnancy exacerbates the condition.

Last night I dreamed that I went to EFY (Especially For Youth--a faith-based week long camp for YOUTH, ages 14-18).  I was still 34 and still pregnant with my sixth child.  I was having fun and enjoying the classes, but wondered why everyone kept staring at me.  When the kids asked me what I was doing there, I told them I enjoyed it when I was younger and wanted to come back.

Here are the problems with this dream:  Why in all of the world would I choose to spend a week of vacation (remembering that my full-time job is child-rearing) with children?  Wouldn't I have wanted a break from the noise and emotional toll these smaller people take?  Also, I wasn't a counselor or speaker or administrator, I was a participant.

Am I longing  for, or even mourning, my firm body youth--a time I quite enjoyed?  Have I not progressed spiritually, emotionally or intellectually since my visit to EFY when I was 16?   Do I still feel young in this older woman's body and my subconscious figured out a way to express that?  Am I too old to be pregnant?  Is this because I just pulled out my maternity clothes--at eleven weeks?

Or maybe it was just a wacky, hormone induced, exhaustion-fed dream.


  1. What a great dream-- I think it means that you are in the process of accepting that you not a youth or even really considered a young person (no offense. The dream is part of working through your new reality.
    This is my interpretation. It's worth as much as you paid for it!

  2. What it means is that you have to go to the bathroom but you know it is upstairs so you decide to stay downstairs to sleep, but your bladder says it's time to move on and let this go but you don't want to give this up quite yet.