Monday, March 28, 2011

Gaining Weight

Not Me.

During each of my pregnancies, I have gained 50-60 pounds.  I've always lost it, though it takes me a bit longer after each baby, and decided a long time ago that that is just the way my body needs to do it.  Still when I see the charts recommending a 25-35 pound weight gain, I feel guilty.  Each doctor visit, when I step on the blasted scale and see the BMI chart that is posted directly in front of my nose, I feel guilt, frustration and embarrassment. For a girl who has never struggled with weight, it effects me in such a peculiar way.  Toward the end, when I am reaching my peak, I have grown out of most of my maternity clothes and don't want to be seen.   Despite the many cumulated years of pregnancy, I have very few pictures of me with an expectant belly.

So this pregnancy, I have determined a couple of things.  I am now thirteen weeks along and am sick of being sick.  Many women lose weight during the first trimester; I have gained ten pounds.  The problem is that my morning sickness is lessened by food and I have discovered that protein works the best.  I'll eat cheese, peanut butter, a handful of nuts, or a couple of eggs.  I don't want to eat and when I do it's not because I'm hungry, but because I know that the food helps me feel better.  I usually feel good in the mornings until about 10:30, so even if it takes a while for my morning sickness to completely dissipate, I do have the morning.  I usually take advantage of that time to catch up on the house work I was too sick to conquer the night before.  But, I am determined to move my body more so that even when the pounds do begin to mount, I will at least know that under it all, I am strong.  Dishes be damned.

Also, when I step on the scale at my appointments, I will close my eyes.

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  1. sounds all too familiar...

    it usually takes me about 9 months after the baby to lose my weight...but they say something magical happens after 30- I am still 30 lbs overweight.

    Oh morning sickness...I am the same way Emily. I eat a lot the first help settle that icky feeling. It's great. It's wonderful. Big and beautiful is what I call pregnancy. Pregnant woman are just beautiful. They glow. Even when they are a little squishy- Glow beauty. Motherhood. Beautiful.

    But I do hate how I gain weight in the face. Now that is more embarrassing than any number on the scale- I mean, come on- it's the face for crying out loud.