Thursday, March 3, 2011

My, How Things Have Changed

First, an unrelated question:  Do titles no longer require capital letters at the beginning of each word, save prepositions (of, in, on, to, by), conjunctions (but, and, or) and articles (a, an, the)?  I was always taught, and have always practiced, capitalizing each word that does not fall in to one of those three catagories.  Is that wrong?  Because our local newspaper DOES NOT follow that rule.  They only capitalize the first word and names.  They do not put punctuation at the end of the title, making it a proper sentence, either.  Are my grammar skills outdated or is our local editor unqualified?

Second, after weeks of being afflicted with one physical ailment or other, I woke up this morning feeling great.  In fact, I opened my eyes and said audibly, "I am healed!"

 Since it was a mild March day, I opened the windows and stripped my bed (there had been a lot of coughing and sneezing on those sheets).  I began cleaning and disinfecting the house.  I took a shower and washed away all of the germs and filth.  I actually even made breakfast (without opening one box).  We started school took a recess break.  It seems like so long since I felt good that I wanted to participate in the recess.  I directed my class in some exercises.

This is where things started to get dicey.  Push-ups first.  The boy can do about a million.  The girls each did twenty, pretty correct push-ups.  Even the two year old made an effort.  Me?  I completed five, shaky push-ups.  Five.

In the ninth grade (which, remarkably, was nearly twenty years ago) I did forty nose-to-the-ground push-ups in the one minute timed test.  Back flat, arms coming to a nice, crisp angle.

Then, it was time to do sit-ups.  Twenty.  2-0 . . . and it was really hard for me to get there.

What the heck happened?  I used to be so svelte!  I know, I know, twenty years and now in my sixth pregnancy, there are few muscles left.  But, now?  Well, now, my body aches anew.  So much for feeling great.  I'm never exercising again.


  1. You know me, can't help but focus on the grammar issue! I do not have an answer to your specific question, but I do know that I saw a fascinating video the other day from some grammar expert from the encyclopedia company that said the rule of not ending a sentence with a propostion was outdated and no longer a rule. Halleluja! I guess it was originally some edict from a king that decided to have his silly way with English language. Anyway, so don't be surprised if it has changed.

    And yes, I gave up exercising long ago, its miserable! I do go recumbent triking wiht my hubby while he jogs with kids and that's pretty fun.

  2. I love exercise. I can sit and watch it for hours.