Thursday, April 7, 2011


It is spring (ish) around here.  The lawns are beginning to show green, the children will play outside without a jacket "because it's sunny," though not because it's warm enough, and I actually gave in and bought popsicles.  (Last week, I was reaching to buy hot chocolate and my son pleaded for the kind with marshmallows.  I don't usually buy that kind because I don't think it tastes as good, but I relented.  "YES!  I love it when you're pregnant!" he cheered.  I'm not really sure of all the things that little line could mean, but I think it means I give in more easily.)

With spring and with my no-more-projects-on-the-house-allowed restrictions (except installing the doggone brand new hot  water tank), I am feeling restless.  Now is the time to paint, start plants, plan the summer projects and freshen up the place.  Instead of getting excited about the possibilities of a new blue or gray color palette, adding rosy floral throw pillows (I am not buying one more thing that I'll just have to move), or scratching out flower bed arrangements on graph paper, I am still cleaning the same, old colors.

To make matters worse, Poppies at Play is sponsoring a Blogger's Parade of Homes.  While all the freaking beautiful white kitchens and couch slipcovers (What a load of crock: easy to clean.  If you have ever actually USED a slipcover, you know they are not easy to take off, stain treat, wash, wash again--this time with bleach, dry and then put back on.) are not even tempting to this mother of five impractical for me, a lot of the other design ideas are exciting and fresh.  I live in the mountainous west, so I won't be going with the ubber popular beach designs, but I do like the blues and grays that we are seeing a lot of right now.

I know I have enough on my plate as it is, but my projects actually help me stay sane.  All these traditional homemaking activities are not nearly as fulfilling as seeing a room take shape or watching as my elbow grease and a few dollars changes the entire feel of a space.

Oh, well.  My husband is probably thrilled with the always clean laundry, the swept floors and coming home to find dinner on the table instead of sawdust with vagabond children scattered about.  I'll save up all of my ideas and have a grand time when I can finally begin work on the next place!

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  1. Well, you know I love little projects myself! Alicia raked all the flowerbeds today and pruned bushes until she dropped! You see, I love work...I could sit and watch it for hours...