Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sleeping Arrangements

They are sleeping outside again.  While it is April and the world around us seems to think it is spring, the weather refuses to agree.  Yesterday it snowed, for instance, and our heat bill has hardly gone down.  But the children are die hards.  Apparently, their actions are encouraging spring to come--like the first robins.

They have built themselves this crazy fort out of lawn chairs, blankets and clothespins.  I can't take a picture because it is dark, but it looks something like the shelter from their late October slumber party, though with a few more blankets.

They've stocked their shelter with good sleeping bags and more blankets.  They are all wearing footie pajamas (or thick socks for the children who are "too old" for footie pajamas).

I do not remember being this gung-ho.  Yes, we slept outside a lot, but this early . . . and that late . . . in the season?  The forecast is for temperatures barely above freezing.  But, they've survived worse--as have I.  Just one more adventure to recount when their children are begging for stories about when they were young.

"You're never going to believe what Grandma let us do!"

As long as they promise to clean it all up in the morning.

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