Saturday, April 16, 2011


I can't tell you how relieved I am to have written that single word.  After ten weeks of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, we signed an honest to goodness offer on our house yesterday.  The young couple buying it "loves" the house and "is so excited."

I am thrilled to hand over this house on which I have worked so hard to someone using those adjectives.

They will be moving in while the tulips flank the front steps and the cool nights call for a backyard fire.

I really hope they do love it.

The timing is perfect.  Heavenly Father is always aware of us and we have felt peace (even through the frustrations of showings) that it would work out the way it should.  Though, as much as I've been looking forward to this day, it hasn't been everything I'd hoped.  Life rarely slows down and with the sale of a home comes the need for another.  Geesh!

And so, we need to find some place to live . . . some place that costs less than 75K . . . a place that will hold eight people . . . that is near my husband's work . . . and that is not a manufactured home.  That is a tricky task.  I'm thinking something like this:

or this:

would be fine.  I mean, there's got to be something like these, in a field of naturalized daffodils or a mature English Garden, for a pittance, right?

I'm entertaining these again:

That's right.  Katrina Cottages.  It might be cheaper for us to build a tiny house with our specifics (on a basement and with one large room for all the children--nursery style) than to buy a fixer.  I love the idea of putting everything in storage for a year and living super simply.  It sounds so not-cluttery, doesn't it?  Anyway, I'll keep you informed.  

For today, however, I am NOT cleaning (well, I have to clean some).  No one made their beds today and I don't care!  The two year old spilled beans (literally) all over the floor and though I'll probably sweep them, I'll sweep them because I want to and not because someone is coming over.  Hooray!!


  1. Congrats on selling the home. It's like selling a part of you though, with all the work you've put in.

  2. Congrats! I heard this morning. We're really excited for you! (Sad that you're leaving, though!) - Christine

  3. GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!! Congratulations! I'm happy things are working out for you.

  4. Oh, that's awesome news! Hope you've got lots of boxes!

  5. Oh congrats!!! What A relief. and to know that the new homeowner's are so excited about it, totally helps. I'm anxious to hear what you will be living in next.