Friday, April 29, 2011

Super Powers

The other night, I was at a meeting.  The speaker started out by suggested that we could all use a Super Power. She related to us the idea that if she just had super speed, she would be a much better mother.  Then, she presented the thought that the scriptures give us power--even a super power.  She went on about the value of the scriptures, but all I heard was the Charlie Brown adult's wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.

I couldn't get past the Super Power thing.

Now, I've played that game in the car on our long road trips before:  If you could choose one Super Power, what would it be?  I usually pick flying because, well, that would be cool.  And I don't think you can count my massive weight fluctuations during and after pregnancy or my fabulously productive mammary glands as super powers.  When you put the whole Mom spin on super powers, it gains new momentum.

What a mom could do if she had extra arms pop out as needed.  Or really stretchy arms to pin down one child who is drawing all over herself with Sharpie while still helping another blow her nose.  I know I could certainly use those famous eyes in the back of my head.  I would like powers of hypnosis at bedtime or chore time.  There are many days when I would be delighted if my children responded with a wooden, "Yes, mother.  I will obey you."  I really want Mary Poppin's snap that gets the house clean--and in such a fun way! Or Nanny McPhee's Cane could certainly come in handy.

I apologize for not paying attention to your presentation, Madam Speaker Lady, but, I mean, really.  When one's mind is presented with such possibilities, it is quite impossible to listen to another word spoken.

What super power would you like?


  1. Superpower? Hmmm, I always wanted to fly too! Nowadays, I'd settle for a super just where is...dang forgot what I was looking for.

  2. I'm settling for one step below a true super power and just waiting for someone to invent the transporter. I could so get used to beaming from place to place. Tired of loading stuff, loading kids, buckling kids, dislocating my shoulder in order to reach the kids, dealing with other idiots on the road, being an idiot myself sometimes, car troubles, unloading, etc. That is all so worth a little bit of molecules rearranged every so often.

  3. I am happy you got super-productive mammary glands. I think they must have passed down to you & skipped me. Not my super power at all. Ever.

    My super power used to be remembering phone numbers - you could ask me anyone's phone number & I would usually remember & recite it.

    Now, I wish that my super power could be cleaning & organizing with a Mary Poppin's snap.

  4. Oh, I have thought a lot about Mary Poppin's snap! I think I would definately choose that!