Friday, May 13, 2011

A Great Big No Go

The inspection on the haunted house was this morning.  From the pictures and from what everyone we sent over there could observe, there was a lot of work to be done.  We knew the house would need to be re-wired, there were issues with some parts of the roof, there was massive mold problems where shoddy DIY work was done and the aesthetics of the house were sorely lacking.  What we didn't know was that everything else was wrong as well.  The inspector, just getting ready to start the inspection, turned on the gas fireplace (pretty much the sole heat source) and it kept over-heating and shutting off.  Then he turned on the water and the water started spraying out of the knobs of the shower, leaking behind the shower, into an adjoining bedroom and down to the ground floor.  There was also water spraying out of the broken pipes that ran under the laundry.  We didn't even officially start the inspection since we knew we would need to cancel the deal as soon as the water started spraying everywhere.

So, we are out of our house in two weeks and we needed to find a place to live.  We looked at a few other places and think we have found a good alternative.  It is a longer commute (30 minutes), but in a super pretty area--right by a lake.  The house was built in 1980 so it has no character; it also doesn't have a kitchen.  But it also doesn't have flame-throwing wires or a rotten foundation. Good trade, I think.

Right now, I am sick of looking at details, talking about houses and thinking about money.  I am going to enjoy this great BBQ that my father-in-law has spread in the shady back yard and talk about bees and politics and the dating habits of my nieces and nephews.  It will be good to talk about someone else and their issues for a while!

I'll stay in touch.

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  1. At least you know - and in such a definitive way! I hope everything works out smoothly.