Saturday, May 28, 2011

Looking Better

My eyelids were chapped from crying all week.  I have a saggy belly and some pregnancy weight to lose (without the help of breastfeeding) and all of my non-maternity clothes are packed tightly in my sister-in-law's garage--somewhere between the washing machine and the crystal platters.  After wearing maternity clothes or pajamas every day and feeling about as ugly as possible, I finally told my husband that I needed to go buy myself at least a pair of jeans that fit.

I got five shirts and two pairs of jeans and didn't pay more than $7.50 for any one piece.  I mean, I needed to feel pretty again, but I'm still cheap.

It was my first outing since we lost Eowyn.  It was difficult to see the pregnant women and to even walk by the baby sections in the department store.  I don't know how long this will take; I've never before lost someone so close to me and I'm beginning to see that it will take a while.

But, I do know that today I feel much better because I at least look nice.  I even put on make-up.

One step at a time, right?


  1. So sorry to hear of your loss. Yes, it will take awhile. Don't let anyone rush you through the process. OK to take as long as you need.

  2. Sweet Emily,
    I think of you daily. You can't give grief a timeline. Take your time, don't listen to the people that tell you to get on with life. Nothing will ever replace that sweet baby.
    Your always welcome to cry on my shoulder, any of your family really.

    Much love to you and all your family.

  3. You are on the right track! You will get through it on your own time table! Be prepared to have a hard time when babies are blessed in church. It will get easier, I promise! You are the best at seeing the brighter side of things and that will help you get through the tough times! You are in our prayers!

  4. I remember going to the store on the way home from the doctor's office because I did not want to wear maternity clothes for one more minute. I remember going to the store for a change of scenery & seeing a baby in every buggy or every belly. I couldn't buy baby girl clothes for a gift until a few weeks ago.

    Hugs to you & yours.

  5. I love you Emily. My heart is broken as well. Each of your babies are so wonderful, so tender to me that it makes my heart ache.