Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Mistake

I made a big mistake yesterday.  During my pregnancies, I get heartburn.  It begins to increase in intensity the bigger my belly grows.  Last night, it was past the Tums stage and on to the Mylanta stage.  I picked up a bottle at my neighborhood grocery store, downed a couple of tablespoons (I don't even use the little measuring cup, I just chug it straight from the bottle--it's that good).  Then, I went to bed.

The heartburn didn't stop.  In fact, I then started having . . . without being too graphic . . . other digestive issues.

Geesh, I thought.  That generic Mylanta is crap.  I came upstairs to take another dose.  After taking another delicious, chalky, cherry-ish slug, I stood looking at the bottle.

I had not bought Mylanta.  I had bought Milk of Magnesia.

That is a laxative, not an acid reducer.

There are some aisles from which you should never just grab.


  1. they do have similar bottles- oh Emily, so funny. Sorry- but you should free lance this experience to a parenting/pregnancy magazine.

  2. Ryan & I are laughing at your misfortune. Hope you feel better soon. :)

  3. Oh dear! I'm laughing, but also clenching on the inside just thinking about it.