Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Public School Experiment

Our ten year old daughter has always wanted to "try" school.  We've considered it many times because we know she has the personality type to love it.  We also know that we have developed a lifestyle that we love and seem to be succeeding on an academic scale within our home school.  I don't like rocking the boat just for the sake of rocking it--life sends enough waves to keep us rocking as much as necessary.

But, when we moved into my parent's basement last week, my sister (who lives next door) wondered if we might let the girl go to school with her cousin for a few days of the end of the school year.  She contacted the principle and the teacher and they said it was fine with them.

I gave our daughter hot lunch money and let her excited self head to the bus stop.  She was so excited!  She had her clothes laid out the night before, she was up at the crack of dawn, she sat in front of her breakfast for a long time as I insisted she try to eat something and my mom picked up a new notebook and package of pencils for her to put in her backpack.

She had an absolutely wonderful experience.  I am glad, but I also reminded her that this was not going to be the norm.  She also needed to understand that what she was experiencing was the ideal public school experience based on the following points:

  1. Her teacher is Miss Ballou.  She was my teacher in the third grade and was one of my two favorite teachers of my entire educational career.  She is really wonderful.  Not all teachers are wonderful.
  2. My daughter is in fourth grade, but is attending a third grade class.  Very little of the work has been challenging to her--cursive is about the hardest thing she's done.
  3. She is the cute little new girl so everyone wants to be her friend and play with her at recess.
  4. It is the end of the school year so much of the serious learning is out the window.
  5. The bus is only fun for a few days.  It then becomes a long, hot, bumpy ride with obnoxious kids every morning and every afternoon.
Like I said, of all of my kids, she is the one who would love school, so that is contributing to the thrill ride that she is on.  I'm glad she gets to do it and now is a great time.  

But she had better not get used to the nice teacher because before she knows it, I'll be her teacher again.  Bwahahaha!!

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  1. What a fun adventure! I bet that in the end she will be delighted that gets to stay home with you.