Monday, May 16, 2011

Support Staff

I love my husband.  He really is my best friend and confidant.  The hardest part of being without him for any extended period of time is that he can see through my overly prominent  emotions and knows how to bring me back into balance; I'm not good at doing that on my own.

This weekend, while proposing to do the impossible, many people were telling us we couldn't do it; that we shouldn't try.  We have always tried to walk by faith while also using the brains the Lord has given us.  At one particularly frustrating moment, he, with a slightly mocking face, said, "The Lord wants you to build a boat?!"

Sometimes the things we are asked to do requires a great deal of courage, faith and looking at things from a foreign point of view.  Right now it feels like we've been asked to build a boat . . .

and I'm glad he's on my team.

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  1. Boat building is not a bad trade....providing you have an ocean to cross! Thank goodness you don't have to walk into the hills and make iron with which to build tools in order to build a boat.

    Perhaps fixing up an old house with power tools, most especially a chainsaw would be a bit more doable...

    We are loving your little girls! They are precious to us.