Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Without Them

My husband and two youngest children have already moved.  Their dressers are empty, their toys are packed and there is no one to fill their spot in bed.  In some ways, it has been super sad.  We love the three of them and they play a vital role in our family.  But, Justin had to get to the new town to start work.  He needed a car and we are in a good walking area.  He took the van and I'll only have three seat belts in the moving truck, so he took two of the girls with him (our son will be staying here with a friend (THANK YOU, BETHANY) for another month to attend a ballet Summer Intensive workshop.  I'm telling you--that was a trick to figure out how to get us all to the right place at the right time!

My parents and sister have answered the call and are keeping my little ones.  (Justin stops in to visit, but his hours are early and long and he still has research projects to complete so he can't have them for too long.)  They are having the time of their young lives!  My five-year-old called this morning.  She didn't even say hello, she just jumped to, "MOM!  My hair is curly!"  I asked her how that happened and she said, "Grandma has this thing that she just wrapped it around and it's called a, What is it called Grandma?  Oh, yeah.  A curling iron.  You should get one of those, Mom!"  She also said they get to do whatever they want at Grandma's.  They are going to have a tea party today.

The two year old doesn't quite get what's going on.  She keeps telling us to finish cleaning our rooms and to get our shoes on so we can come to Grandma's house, too.

The added bonus to having them out of the house already is that we can get the house packed without their "help."  Yesterday, for instance, I had the black Sharpie out the entire day, just sitting there, on the floor.  And no one picked it up to color on the walls, themselves or the furniture.  Also, we left the front door open for much of the day and no one ran into the street or escaped to the neighbor's house.

I'm also learning a few things.  One, these kids are close.  My four girls share one set of bunk beds.  On the drive back, the older two were so excited that they would get their own beds.  That night, however, they were lonely without their sisters, so they slept with each other.  There have been tears and sad looks whenever we have too much quiet time.  I was surprised by this reaction in the older children.

One other thing I'm learning, much to the dismay of the blamers, is that the youngest two take the blame for a lot of the mess around here that they didn't do!  There has been far too many reminders to complete simple tasks like putting away shoes, not leaving wrappers on the floor, and failing to put the dishes in the sink.  All along I thought it was mostly the doing of the little girls.  Not so.  These dang big kids have been found out!

I miss my girls and my sweetheart, but, for now, this is a good thing.


  1. I'm here if the support system needs a break!

  2. The BIG MOVE!! Your family will never forget these very exciting days of change!!

    Have Fun driving the moving Truck!! I LOVE driving very-big vehicles.

    Bets, I now know what my other life was supposed to be (besides being a beach-bum).....I was supposed to be a Trucker!!!

  3. How sweet it will be for your family to all be together again and settled wherever it is you will end up. What an adventure this Spring is for you!

  4. Oh how I miss your little ones escaping to my house. The other day Cayben broke down, and in reference to your second littlest said, "I didn't even get to say good bye to [her]." So sad. :(