Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bring on the Global Warming

I am freezing cold.  I am sitting here in a fluffy, thick robe and I am shivering.  Earlier this evening, I was visiting with my sister in the back yard and I could see my breath.  Where is that promised global warming?

My parents have a wood burning fireplace that has been around since before I could walk.  I used to lay in bed in the mornings until I heard Mom building a fire.  Then, I waited until I heard the squeak of the damper being closed--that meant that the fire would be nice and hot.  I would then grab my school clothes and run to the stove to keep from freezing while I dressed.

Funny Story.  In the second grade, I got a long-coveted pink coat.  It was not a hand-me-down and it was not ugly.  I had only been wearing it a few weeks when a warm Autumn afternoon prompted me to take it off.  I left it in our van overnight.  It was a super cold night and the grass was frozen stiff in the morning.  I ran outside, grabbed my coat from the van and ran it to the wood stove.  I put it on the flat top of the stove to warm it up.  (Give me a break, I was only seven!)  I totally scorched one side of that beautiful coat and couldn't wear it anymore.  I had to wear my sister's dumb last-year's coat for the rest of the year.

But anyway, it is right now in the middle of June.  It will officially be Summer soon and I have had a fire going in that beloved stove nearly the entire day.  I've been wearing long sleeves and socks and I didn't pull my hair up because I needed it's warmth on my neck.

I think I'm going to go protest those big factories that stopped producing the greenhouse gasses.  Maybe they'll start puffing the black clouds again.  And I think I'll introduce legislation to get rid of the catalytic converters.  Yesss, I think I'm on to something.

Or maybe I'm delirious from the hypothermia.  Whichever.


  1. I am sorry that house is cold! Usually, we have to get the hot weather stuff going by now!

    Did you remember that I built that old stove? It has served us well for many years hasn't it.

    Sorry about the coat.....

  2. We will give you a portion of our over-hot & over-stormy summer. It is plain HOT here. Hope it warms up there soon!!