Saturday, June 11, 2011

Not Just Sheds

As I explained yesterday, my parent's yard is rather big.  So big, in fact, that they have a series of sheds in which to store tools and supplies.  They used to be scattered about, but last year my mom got this idea to put them together to form a little village.  Dad hauled the things over and built a fantastic board walk and Mom set to work on turning the sheds into something else.

Here is the Church.  Dad built the steeple and Mom painted the fiberglass light panels to resemble stained glass.  She has a few other things she would like to do to the church, but this is how it looks today . . . darling.

Next is the School House.  Eventually, Mom wants this to be more of a playhouse school (think Laura Ingalls) for the grandchildren, but right now it has a bunch of my crap in there.  I will be moving it out before the grandchildren are grown . . . I hope.

And finally, the Livery Stable.  They have some old wagon and tractor parts as well as a miniature windmill strategically in the garden beside the shed.  My assignment for the week was to make the sign--something that hints Old West, without being to kitschy or blatant.  Mom wanted a false front, kinda like this:

We didn't get it put up yet because I don't know how, but here is the building

and here is its sign.

We're going to let the wood weather gray to answer the weathering board walk below.  It is all scrap wood (FREE) and I love the texture of the different board widths.

A fun project.  This little scheme of my folks' making has made me want to do something whimsical.  You?


  1. The Strange and Awkward OneJune 15, 2011 at 9:01 PM

    I love your parents! That is fantastic!