Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Pity Party is Over

I just wanted you all to know that yesterday's pity party is over.  I woke up feeling much better.  My husband and I brain-stormed some other ideas and I have new direction and hope today.

While I was in the midst of my boohoo-ing, I did sit down to watch a girly/crying movie so I could really relish my everything sucks moment.  I told my sister what I was going to do and she asked if I had found our mother's stash of chocolate fudge mint something or other cookies.  I let her know that, no, I hadn't found those, but I did find and eat most of the can of Almond Roca.

Yes, it did help.  Thank you very much.

God does not hate me nor is He picking on me.  He loves me very much and is trying to teach me a few things--things I want to learn so I never have to learn them again, if you know what I mean.  My life is mostly wonderful.  Thank you for letting me feel sorry for myself yesterday.  It helps to have friends who support and understand (and not yell at me for being a boob).

The End.

For now.


  1. And that is why you're so wonderful!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Pity parties, as long as kept in control and limited in time, are good for the soul personally. After I read your blog I ended up getting some crappy news, but your trials put mine into a little more perspective, so even though that doesn't help you directly, I just want to say thanks for sharing even when you feel like a boob. This morning I went back and read a general conference address from this last one - Kent F. Richards "The Atonement Covers All Pain". I was going to send you a quote from it, but it was all so good for me to hear that I couldn't pick just one. So if you're looking for a little comfort, it might help. Otherwise, keep the chocolate supply stocked and let me know if I cn help with anything else. Maybe we can get together sometime, when you're feeling up to being sociable (today is one of those days I haven't even gotten around to a shower).

  3. Well, I guess I'm glad, but I thought pity party Emily was kinda funny. (in an SNL skit kind of way)
    Love and Prayers sent your way.