Saturday, July 30, 2011

At the Library

Hello, friends.  I am back here at the library.  It is actually wonderful.  While I'd rather get my computer work done at home, it is super nice here.  Let me tell you why.

I am sitting in an air conditioned building where quiet is mandated.  I have a rather large table all to myself.  My work is spread around me and not cramped between the bills and other reminders of what else needs to be done.  Since I am here to work, there are no children poking my arm; no one whining, "I'm hungry," or "She did That to me, again!!"  In my ears, the beautiful and soothing notes of Lakme are singing softly, gently.  There is a potted plant (watered and tended by someone else) to my left and a lovely ornamental grass swaying out of the window on my right.  While my To Do list is always long, today, the updating of the ballet studio website is the only thing on my Must Do list.

Also, I'm sitting on a padded seat, built for periods of long sitting and not my hard kitchen chair that has been making due as our computer chair for the last five or so years.

I may be here for a while.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still Here

Hello, friends.  I'm sorry about the lack of information and pictures I've promised.  I am still without internet at my house.  I was without a phone until this morning.  It is a good story, though.  Do you want to hear it?

We moved in on Thursday, July 14th.  I made an appointment with the cable company to install phone and internet on Friday morning between 8 and 10 in the a.m.  At about 8:30, the technician came and showed us where the previous owners had clipped the cable.  He said a new line would have to be dug (about 50 feet) and that would happen on Monday.  Monday came and went with no word.  Tuesday, do diggers.  Wednesday, nothing.  Friday, my husband had had enough and he called on a borrowed cell phone.  (No, we don't even have a cell phone.  No, the houses in our new neighborhood are far enough apart that we couldn't "borrow" their wireless signal.)  Justin is too nice.  It is a shame the way customer service works these days: if you don't throw a fit, they will just ignore you.  He was told that they would come and dig the line on Monday--now ten days from the promised installation date.  Monday came and went with no word.  Tuesday, I called, again on a borrowed cell phone, and really threw a fit.  I explained that I was alone in the house with five small children and that it was unsafe for me to have no comunication.  "Rita" got an ear full, let me tell you.  I wasn't insulting or rude, I just would not relent.  As she explained that she had her hands tied, I explained that I would hold until she got them untied.  She kept up her, "There is nothing we can do"s and her "three to five weeks" rhetoric.

"I need to talk to your supervisor, the president of the company, the receptionist at the local office or the guy in the truck.  I know they all have phones and one of them is going to be able to help me."  Well, I was transfered and assured and then I hung up the phone.  Wednesday I called the local phone company.

"I need a regular land-line as well as unlimited long distance."  She quoted me $47 per month.  I told her that the cable company was going to give me the same package for $29 for the first year.  She said that there was no way that they could compete with that price.  Then, and this is where I'm sure that someone was listening in on the conversation, she stammered and said, "Um, it looks like they have just updated this and . . . I can offer you a regular phone line and unlimited long-distance in the United States for $24.99 per month."

Within hours, the switch was flipped and we were in business.

Also, the cable guy came today and at least spray painted where the line is to be dug.  It's something, I suppose.

So, now I have a phone, but still no cable.  I actually really need a computer; not just for checking blogs and facebook, but for work and bill-paying.  It is frustrating and I miss you!

I'll be back soon.  Or "Rita" will hear from me again.  And I'm sure she doesn't want that.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Glimpses

Here is a first glimpse of our place . . .

But, of course, we bought it for this:

More to come . . . 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moving: Phase II

Phase one was a frantic get-out-of-town escapade.  I had packed about 70% of the house before my mom and about thirty of our dear friends came and threw the rest into the truck.  I have no idea the condition of my goods and supplies--and it doesn't matter that much; things like that pale in comparison to the loss we've now experienced.

We are now on phase two.  My parent's home has been a place of respite for the last six weeks, but we are signing papers on our new home tomorrow.  The fact that buying a new house also meant moving out of the grandparent's house was a new concept to our five year old.  She cried and cried when she finally understood the implication.

Today, we are cleaning all rooms, washing all laundry, organizing all toys and toiletries and otherwise preparing to leave.  Then, I must brave the storage.  I'm going to buy a bunch of colored post-it notes and tag boxes and furniture according to their desired location in the new place.  I hope to be able to find the phone, calendar and other basic household must-haves without having to un-tape dozens of boxes.

I've called the cable company, phone company, electric company, gas company, garbage service, and insurance company.  I've mailed change of address cards and gone to a handful of sites to change our address in their records.  And still, frankly, it's hard to believe that it's real.  We are actually moving!

Tomorrow-------pictures, my dears!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Can You Do This?

It's one of my favorite games.  

Our son is a talented ballet dancer.  He can stretch and throw his body in absurdly cool ways.  Some day I will get professional pictures done so you can see his skilz.  So, every time he masters (well, you can't ever really become perfect in ballet . . .) a new step, I say, "I can totally do that."  Then, I show him.  I am freakin' amazing.  

Okay, I totally suck, but . . . you know how the riotous laughter of your kids is addicting . . . they LOVE it when I dance.

The other day, the boy was alone on the trampoline--which meant he didn't have to be careful of the small children.  He started jumping and doing his crazy crap . . . which was even crazier than normal because he was propelled by the giant bouncy thing.  I tried and tried to get pictures, but I couldn't get the timing right with my point-and-shoot.  I did get this one, though:

Perspective is a funny thing, so I'll tell you what you are seeing.  He is in nearly straight splits (this was a bit after the upper-most point) with is feet pointed (try pointing your toes like that!), and his head is about even with the wire.  His body is about two feet above the safety net around the tramp.  What you can't see is the moment just before this, when his head was above the wire, his legs were beyond splits, and his arms were in a lovely ballet position.  


I can totally do that.

By the way, if you are interested, this is my son's ballet teacher, Sergiu Brindusa.  He is just wonderful to watch and is a very sought-after partner.  You can see why.  Amazing.  The last minute or so is my favorite part, so if you can't handle more than one minute of ballet, fast-forward to about 3:45.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

One Day This Week

The septic tank passed inspection so we will be moving in on Thursday.  HOORAY!!

In other news . . .

 cousins . . . and food.

My husbands family knows how to cook.  They introduced me to a lot of terrible/wonderful things like butter and cream and mayonnaise.  Nothing they make is mediocre.

 Lots of it's finally summer swimming.

Why didn't they have those rash guard things when I was little?  My skin would have greatly benefited from such an invention!

Oh, my goodness!  A whole pool full of children.  What blessed grandparents!

It was a super fun afternoon.  My swimsuit is packed, so I sat and visited with my mother-in-law most of the time.  It was so nice.  (Parenthetically, when can I drop the whole in-law part?  I've been a part of this family going on 14 years!)

I hope your summer is filled with pot lucks, hot sun and cool water.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Just got home from the inspection and I wanted to let you all know that it PASSED!  Just a few minor fixes, thirteen days and some heavy lifting and we will be in our new home . . . on some beautiful land.  Even more wildflowers were blooming today--white, yellow, blue, and purple plus shoulder high wild grasses.

Thank you for your kinds words of love and support through all of this.  I has been as difficult as you think it must have been.  You helped.

A Much Contented MotherShip