Sunday, July 10, 2011

Can You Do This?

It's one of my favorite games.  

Our son is a talented ballet dancer.  He can stretch and throw his body in absurdly cool ways.  Some day I will get professional pictures done so you can see his skilz.  So, every time he masters (well, you can't ever really become perfect in ballet . . .) a new step, I say, "I can totally do that."  Then, I show him.  I am freakin' amazing.  

Okay, I totally suck, but . . . you know how the riotous laughter of your kids is addicting . . . they LOVE it when I dance.

The other day, the boy was alone on the trampoline--which meant he didn't have to be careful of the small children.  He started jumping and doing his crazy crap . . . which was even crazier than normal because he was propelled by the giant bouncy thing.  I tried and tried to get pictures, but I couldn't get the timing right with my point-and-shoot.  I did get this one, though:

Perspective is a funny thing, so I'll tell you what you are seeing.  He is in nearly straight splits (this was a bit after the upper-most point) with is feet pointed (try pointing your toes like that!), and his head is about even with the wire.  His body is about two feet above the safety net around the tramp.  What you can't see is the moment just before this, when his head was above the wire, his legs were beyond splits, and his arms were in a lovely ballet position.  


I can totally do that.

By the way, if you are interested, this is my son's ballet teacher, Sergiu Brindusa.  He is just wonderful to watch and is a very sought-after partner.  You can see why.  Amazing.  The last minute or so is my favorite part, so if you can't handle more than one minute of ballet, fast-forward to about 3:45.


  1. I can totally do that! hehe

    But I can't figure out how to post a comment from scratch- can anyone help me?

    Heather :)