Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moving: Phase II

Phase one was a frantic get-out-of-town escapade.  I had packed about 70% of the house before my mom and about thirty of our dear friends came and threw the rest into the truck.  I have no idea the condition of my goods and supplies--and it doesn't matter that much; things like that pale in comparison to the loss we've now experienced.

We are now on phase two.  My parent's home has been a place of respite for the last six weeks, but we are signing papers on our new home tomorrow.  The fact that buying a new house also meant moving out of the grandparent's house was a new concept to our five year old.  She cried and cried when she finally understood the implication.

Today, we are cleaning all rooms, washing all laundry, organizing all toys and toiletries and otherwise preparing to leave.  Then, I must brave the storage.  I'm going to buy a bunch of colored post-it notes and tag boxes and furniture according to their desired location in the new place.  I hope to be able to find the phone, calendar and other basic household must-haves without having to un-tape dozens of boxes.

I've called the cable company, phone company, electric company, gas company, garbage service, and insurance company.  I've mailed change of address cards and gone to a handful of sites to change our address in their records.  And still, frankly, it's hard to believe that it's real.  We are actually moving!

Tomorrow-------pictures, my dears!


  1. I love that we can categorize out lives into phases...because how in the heck would we be able to deal with it all if it was just one continual phase...my baby is a year old- such a different phase from the time he was 1 week. My mom has been dead 3 years almost...wow what a difference from when she was dead for only 3 months...Thank you Heavenly Father for phases. For change. For the new. For the new starts. For Mondays and resolutions. For time.

    My neighbor just lost her Mom yesterday. All I could say is "this really sucks Karen" and she gave me the biggest hug. I didn't say "it will get better with time" even though it does and I didn't say "there must be a reason for all this" even though there probably is...because in this phase of her life- it hurts and it sucks.

    Phase II is always better. Still hurts, but better.

    I am so so excited to see pictures of your new place. You should email me back and tell me where your land is...I am so so curious. Your life is so interesting Emily.

  2. so excited to see it! congrats!

  3. I love April's comment- so true! Sometimes life just sucks- been there plenty of times and I'm sooo glad for the times when life is just good!

    I had a move where at the end people were finishing up for me; unpacking was hilarious!!! I opened one box and found a shoe, a hanger, a spoon, and several other misc. items. I laughed as I thought of how kind so many people had been to jump in and just get it done- I knew I was loved.

    Happy unpacking!