Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still Here

Hello, friends.  I'm sorry about the lack of information and pictures I've promised.  I am still without internet at my house.  I was without a phone until this morning.  It is a good story, though.  Do you want to hear it?

We moved in on Thursday, July 14th.  I made an appointment with the cable company to install phone and internet on Friday morning between 8 and 10 in the a.m.  At about 8:30, the technician came and showed us where the previous owners had clipped the cable.  He said a new line would have to be dug (about 50 feet) and that would happen on Monday.  Monday came and went with no word.  Tuesday, do diggers.  Wednesday, nothing.  Friday, my husband had had enough and he called on a borrowed cell phone.  (No, we don't even have a cell phone.  No, the houses in our new neighborhood are far enough apart that we couldn't "borrow" their wireless signal.)  Justin is too nice.  It is a shame the way customer service works these days: if you don't throw a fit, they will just ignore you.  He was told that they would come and dig the line on Monday--now ten days from the promised installation date.  Monday came and went with no word.  Tuesday, I called, again on a borrowed cell phone, and really threw a fit.  I explained that I was alone in the house with five small children and that it was unsafe for me to have no comunication.  "Rita" got an ear full, let me tell you.  I wasn't insulting or rude, I just would not relent.  As she explained that she had her hands tied, I explained that I would hold until she got them untied.  She kept up her, "There is nothing we can do"s and her "three to five weeks" rhetoric.

"I need to talk to your supervisor, the president of the company, the receptionist at the local office or the guy in the truck.  I know they all have phones and one of them is going to be able to help me."  Well, I was transfered and assured and then I hung up the phone.  Wednesday I called the local phone company.

"I need a regular land-line as well as unlimited long distance."  She quoted me $47 per month.  I told her that the cable company was going to give me the same package for $29 for the first year.  She said that there was no way that they could compete with that price.  Then, and this is where I'm sure that someone was listening in on the conversation, she stammered and said, "Um, it looks like they have just updated this and . . . I can offer you a regular phone line and unlimited long-distance in the United States for $24.99 per month."

Within hours, the switch was flipped and we were in business.

Also, the cable guy came today and at least spray painted where the line is to be dug.  It's something, I suppose.

So, now I have a phone, but still no cable.  I actually really need a computer; not just for checking blogs and facebook, but for work and bill-paying.  It is frustrating and I miss you!

I'll be back soon.  Or "Rita" will hear from me again.  And I'm sure she doesn't want that.


  1. Have you every watched Brian Regan, the comedian? If so, ignore this. If not, he does a great bit aobut calling the phone company. I love when he says: "Hi. I need to get my phoen hoooked up. Response: That's gonna be a problem. He says: I figured. Why? Response: That's just our policy." So true. I literally get a stomach ache every time I have to call the phone company or an airline. Good luck, if you ever need to come over for some extended computer time, we have two computers and one is usually available during the day when the hubby works. Be more than happy to have some company, all of you! We'll squish us all in and have a party.

  2. I'm so happy to hear from you-- I was getting a little nervous.

  3. Well hello again! It is nice to hear from you- I was starting to wonder if you had decided to just go off the grid. :)

    It is true in most things- the squeaky wheel gets the grease.