Monday, August 8, 2011

The Books on My Nightstand

I don't actually have a nightstand.  The books are in a stack next to my bed.  But tonight I went to the library and brought home . . .

Why?  I know this is a tough puzzle for you to figure out so I'll just tell you.  Tomorrow, we are going to go visit this guy . . .

I have taken my homework seriously when it came to finding the right breed for our family.  I eventually narrowed it down to the English Springer Spaniel, the Border Collie and the good ol' Lab.  Since we found out that we were getting this place, I've been looking around town.

I want a puppy because I can't take a risk with an unpredictable older dog--my children are still too small.  Also, there are a few things that I want to teach him while he is still a puppy.  For example, my sister's neighbor does his business at the very back of the property.  She had to walk him back there every time he had to go during the potty training, but she has NO dog poop in her back yard.  This is a big, big deal to me.  (Ranks right up there with having a dog that won't dig up my flowers.)  I know no breed is perfect, they are still animals, but we can select which traits we can manage.

This litter comes from a, get this, home schooling family with five children!  Perfect!  I don't think there will be any problems with child interaction.

If things go well, we should be able to bring him home in a couple of weeks.  That should be enough time to read all the books.

Now, to get all seven of us to agree on a name . . . .

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  1. How exciting!! I'm sure your people are ecstatic. Good luck with Mr. (Ms.?) puppy.