Friday, August 26, 2011

Feeling Lazy? Get a Puppy.

 After waiting for what seemed to the kids like forever (which, for them, was their entire lives!), we finally brought home a puppy.

This one, especially, is an animal lover so this is a big deal for her.  The youngest peering over her shoulder is rather timid of dogs, so we felt it was important to have one in our home.  I'm fine with being careful of dogs, but I don't want her to be needlessly afraid.

Let me introduce you to . . . . . . . . . .

 He is a ten week old English Springer Spaniel.  He'll be a medium sized dog--not quite as big as a lab, but plenty big enough to play with the family.

Oh, my gosh.  Do you know what I did?  I bought a dog that looks like me: dark auburn hair, freckles, drippy nose.  Good grief, Emily.

He is a really good puppy so far.  After three days, he's only had one accident in the house.  I read that a tired puppy is a good puppy so we've been doing our best to tire him out.  You know how you wake up in the morning and you think, I should go for a run, but you never do?  Well, a puppy that is jumpy and excited and rearing to go is GREAT motivation.  He is still small and I am not super fit so we are starting at about the same level.  

So far, he has been an absolute delight.  I was worried that I would have to gear myself up for the dog owner phase of our lives, but I am having a great time.  The kids are learning to keep their toys off the ground and that they have to keep garbage out of his reach.  Excellent motivation for training the children; another perk.

And, although it is August and I don't really need it right now, he is curled up around my feet under the computer desk.  I hadn't even thought of the foot warmer role he would play!  That is gonna be the best!

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  1. That is one adorable puppy! I'm sure your kiddos are in heaven!