Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fireplace Part I

Fireplace Part I
Moving the Rocks and Making a Plan

One of the first projects we are doing here is our fireplace.  I posted some ideas a while back, before we were even moved in!  Now that we are in, I went right to work finding rocks around the place.  We are on an old riverbed, so we have very rocky soil, but I also think that the previous owners were rock hounds.  There are some rocks here that have no business being in this part of the country!  Still, they are beautiful and I need rocks.  Here is the result of all of our work:

I have decided where to put the thing (not too close to the forest behind us, not to close to the building site, and not so far away that we would never use it).  I have decided on a basic shape and size, though since I am working with real rocks, there isn't such a thing as a perfect square in nature.  A long time ago, my mom sent me a box with house plans and a tablet of graph paper.  That box gets a lot of use.  My scribblings fill up a lot of pages and it has helped me hone my style and personal sense of function and order.  Here are my sketchy plans for the fireplace.

Using the techniques taught by Mr. Close in 9th grade wood shop, I have a plan.  It won't look exactly like this, but it's a start.

There, now I've told you about it so I must follow through.  Off to buy mortar!

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