Saturday, August 13, 2011

For Joette

My best friend from high school called me tonight.  "I'm dying to know where you live!"

"You mean, you want to see my sweet trailer?"

She explained that I had showed the land and given glimpses, but I hadn't shown the whole house.  

Sooo, for Joette and any others who are curious, here is our 

Bon Prix 
Mobile Home

The home features all the conveniences of a "Modern Home."  Sleek aluminum siding is somewhat white and sports a woodsy green trim. The rustic metal roof provides entertainment during rainstorms and high winds.  The large front porch features state of the art astro turf carpeting.  And don't forget to notice the charming "little house" around the gas meter to add whimsy and fun for the little ones.

Here is a view of how it sits on our lot.  

Honestly, after what we went through in the house shopping, I am so thankful for this place.


  1. Joette should just take the 10 minute drive and come see it for reals!

  2. YES!! I love trailer homes. Thank you for posting this for me. Now I can sleep at night. ;)

    So wonderful to hear your voice and learn that we are neighbors.

  3. And how wonderfully it does sit.