Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Getting Ready for a Puppy

I was (am) a mama's girl.  Apparently, when my little brother was born, it was difficult for me to have to share my mother's lap so my parent's bought me a puppy.  She was for the whole family, of course, but I was told she was "mine."  One of my earliest and most distinct memories is of sitting on the kitchen counter while my mom cooked dinner.  She was running through a list of names.  I don't remember any of the names on that list, except the one I chose.  When Mom said, "Heidi?" I knew it was the right name for my little pup.

Fast forward thirty years (GASP 30 years??).  My children have wanted a dog for I don't know how long.  When we were away for school, our backyard was so tiny that I felt it would be mean to put a dog in that backyard--especially because we wanted a bigger dog so the kids could play with him.  Still, their love of animals took us to the pet store frequently.  It was hard to look at those puppy eyes every time knowing we would never take one of them home, but I was resolved.  Also, all of the children were small and I was busy taking care of them.  Now that the children are a bit older, I think it's more plausible.

After a fun visit today where the children could NOT believe that we could really take one of these home, we have a puppy reserved.

And, oh. my. gosh. do they need a lot of stuff.  Craig's List, here I come!


  1. Your kids will love having a dog! They are a lot of work but so cute and loveable.

  2. I am so excited to get a dog it will be so much fun!