Saturday, August 6, 2011

More of Our Place

Barbara, the sweet little old lady who sold us her house, had lived here for 40 years.  Her husband died in 1996, but his fedora still sat on the bedside table.  She didn't want to leave and was still quite independent, but the winters had gotten to be too hard for her.  She left the house completely clean, but there were a few little treasures she left behind for us.

Happy little plastic owls, a squirrel and a skunk and a big ol' peanut butter jar of ash from when Mt. St. Helen's blew in 1980.  There is a lovely peach lace heart hanging above the toilet and random rusted out parts from long forgotten mechanical equipment.  

There are some great things, too, like this milk bucket.

You can bet that I have plans for that beautiful antique!

And this old-fashioned rototiller.  You can buy one new here for only $140!

My favorite thing that Barbara left for me, however, is my meadow and the flowers.  

As soon as we got here, we emptied out a pickle jar so the girls could keep their freshly picked bouquets in water.  It has remained on the shelf above the sink and is refreshed regularly.

As you can imagine, I am one happy camper.

Almost as happy as the plastic squirrel and his friend Skunk.  (Ironic that his nose is gone, eh?)

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