Monday, August 8, 2011

The Someday House

Every time I've written about my Someday House, it has been in theory--a dreamy some day.  But, with the purchase of our land and the eminent conclusion of my husband's college life, it is now an actual Next Fall house.  You would think this makes me happy--and it does--but it also makes me feel confused and overwhelmed.  I have a problem with decision making.

Ordering at Applebee's is difficult for me because there are too many options.  How am I ever supposed to do this?

Features inside the house are less intimidating to me.  I know some of my must-have features (baking center in the kitchen), I know many of my don't-want features (jumbo master bathroom bathtub) and I'm sure my pocketbook will help determine the rest (a thatched roof is probably out).

My biggest problem is the facade of the house.  I love too many styles, too many colors.  I try to consider cost into the design (a complicated footprint is more expensive to pour) and longevity (a steel roof may cost more initially, but, in our super snowy climate, will pay off in the long run).  Our property is a mountain meadow so I don't want to plop a pink Queen Anne in the middle of it.

I like the idea of a house that looks like it has grown right out of the landscape:

But I also like houses that blend in to the forest, using warm greens and browns with lots of wood and stone:

But, there are two styles that I go back to time and time again: cottages and farmhouse.

I have searched and studied every house plan on the web.  I haven't found one that is unabashedly vintage farmhouse or a cottage that has enough room for our family (more on that later).  

What exterior style would you choose?


  1. I'm a sucker for the stone facade cottage houses but I think I'll be going with a wrap around porch farm house (similar to last pic). Good luck!! :-D

  2. I love 2 story farm houses with a wrap around deck however, I worry about my kiddos on the second story and fires. Needless to say, we stuck with a typical ranch. One thing we learned when designing our house is to keep the inside floor plan and outside facade in mind to get your desired result.

  3. I love the old Colonial style, white with big black shutters, wrap around covered porches, with a great big swing in the front!!