Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Entertainment

We used to live in the city.  It was not a big city and, though our road had a lot of traffic, I wouldn't really call it a busy road.  We were, however, between two roads that I would call busy, especially from 3-6 pm.  I let the kids ride their bikes in the street during our morning recess (about 10 o'clock), but other than that, they pretty much had to stay on the sidewalk.  It was safe, yes, but not especially fun.

We now live on a dirt road in a pretty rural area.  We get about ten cars per day, all driving very slow because of the dirt and rocks.  It is awesome (despite the dust in my house and on my car).  The kids can ride around without me freaking out.  I can leave a door open and don't have to worry about anyone running into the street.  

"Why are you always taking my picture?"

"Are you going to put this on your blog?"

With one danger removed, leave it to my kids to find some other way to break their bodies:

At least he has his helmet on . . . . .  right?

There was a line-up of little girls wanting their brother take them on this outrageous ride.

Notice that I didn't stop them.  I took pictures.  
They are such delinquents.
It takes one to know one, right Joe?  I seem to recall similar activities as your little sister. 


  1. Emily, I laughed out loud! What a fun day and what awesome memories! I'm the kind of mom that usually grabs the camera too. I'm glad you are all enjoying your new place- what a wonderful adventure life is!