Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Communication with our boy has been frustrating.  There is a time difference (only one hour, but that one hour makes a big difference sometimes).  Up until today, he and one other kid were the only two taking classes at the ballet studio so the artistic directors weren't limited by other's schedules.  Their rehearsal times were not always the same each day.  Skype is wonderful, but not super handy when you need to talk to someone either "right away" or "real quick."  

Last Friday, after several failed attempts to communicate, I got the following message from my son,  "Sorry I haven't gotten to my homework yet.  I have been running to the toilet to throw up every twenty minutes."  That was it . . . for three days.  Part of this was my fault; we went camping over the weekend.  But, still, I couldn't stop thinking about him.  Was he feeling better?  Why was he sick?  How long did it last?  Was he being taken care of?

This morning, the phone rang.  I don't have caller ID, so I didn't know who was calling.


A man's voice on the other end said, "Hi, Mom."

He was calling on his new cell phone.  It is actually an old cell phone that once belonged to his aunt.  He ha just received it in today's mail.  The screen doesn't work and it doesn't do anything cool, but he doesn't care because he has a cell phone.  I don't care because now I can get in touch with him whenever I need to hear that voice.  That is an important thing.

A Much Relieved MotherShip


  1. Glad to hear you will have better contact. It must have been very frustrating to not know what was going on. Hugs to you.

  2. You are very, very brave. I am glad he has a cell phone - it will really make all the difference. My senior in high school calls me at random times during the day - "hi mom" & then he is gone. Just being able to hear his voice makes me feel better.