Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Lost in Trends

Every once in a while, I get great ideas.  One of my great ideas is that I want to lay brick in my kitchen.  I have loved that look for many years, but haven't been able to use it yet!  It is one of the oldest kitchen floorings out there so I thought it would have that never-dated, antique look.  I planned for the brick to be only in the kitchen and mudroom because it would be great with the water issues that come with kitchens and melted snow coming in on the boots.

Now, The Lettered Cottage people have just posted their idea of putting brick in their kitchen.

Here is the problem.  If they do brick, they who have so many followers, will it become a trend?  When you come into my kitchen, will you know immediately the year we built our house?

I want to pick timeless finishes and architectural features.  I know that trends come and go and I'll allow for that in things like paint colors, rugs, and throw pillows, but I don't want the whole house to scream 2012!! for the next fifty years.

So, how do you decide on things that are fresh and new, but not so fresh and new that everybody is doing it (think mauve of the 90's and owls of the 70's)???


  1. I love the lettered cottage as well but her style isn't trendy. Do you think? She is more bloggy than trendy...

    and owls are making a comeback but I haven't been a fan. They are kind of freaky animals.

    Wood floors are a thing of this decade replacing carpet everywhere- but even when carpet was in everyone still loved wood floors- they have always been brick floors.

    Some elements of design are just classic and not trendy despite their popularity.

    It was so fun to tear up the carpet in my house and refinish the 1947 oak floors in my house. The planks are 2 1/2 inches thick! It makes me appreciate the time and era when homes were built to last.

    Brick floors will not be a thing of 2012- brick is a timeless element of design that has been incorporated into every decade- exposed brick walls, brick kitchens, exterior dreamy homes from all decades-

    I love the idea of brick...your dishes won't last a chance and hard on the feet if canning peaches all day...really cold in the winter?

    pictures look really cool though...

  2. I think April said it well, some things are classic, even if the come and go in popularity. Brick is a classic. What color of brick you use could date it a little I suppose, like the newer earth tone brick houses, but a classic redish color is just classic.

    I think it will look really neat, but I don't think I would want it in my kitchen, too cold and hard for my bare feet. I love the idea of brick in the mudroom though- actually, right now I would just love a mudroom.

  3. Well, if'n you like it...who cares if it is trendy? Lot of folks are putting the rock wainscoting on their homes and that will surely be identified as a 2010 look in 20 years. But nobody seems to mind. It looks great now...

    You like it? Do it!