Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Thought on this Sabbath Day

Last night was the annual Relief Society General Conference.  I went with a full and needy heart.  The entire conference was an answer to prayer, but this specific message was so needed.  It is about twenty minutes long, but I encourage you to watch it.  Don't read it, watch it.

I can't tell you what this meant to me as I watched it last night.  Earlier in the broadcast, Sister Beck said that sometimes our struggles have the potential to bleach the bones of our faith.  This year has been incredibly difficult.  While I still have faith, I do feel "bleached" . . . spiritually exhausted.  When President Uchtdorf shared this message of love, I felt that sweet confirmation of truth from the Holy Spirit.  I testify that we have apostles here on the earth, with the same authority and power as Peter, James and John.  I know the message that this apostle shared was, in very fact, the message our Savior wanted us to hear.

If you didn't have a chance to watch the entire conference, you can see it here.  You will find it a rewarding 90 minutes.


  1. It was a fantastic talk! You have had quite a year and I am happy you were filled and comforted last night.

  2. your video isn't posting on reader.

    Shared this with class on Sunday.

  3. He is such a great speaker. I too felt like it was just for me and felt the spirit strongly as he talked. I even watched it again the next evening. Loved it!