Monday, September 19, 2011

To the Fair!

Our son had a chance to go to the fair a few weeks ago.  He hated it because there were too many people and everything was too expensive.  "They gave me $10 and that barely bought me dinner!"  Ha!  Why do you think we never go to the fair?

The other day, my mom called and explained that a friend had some extra tickets to the fair and wondered if we wanted to go.  Even though I had past experience with the fair being something of a crap-shoot, I thought it might be a fun thing to do with the grandparents.

And you know what?  It was a pretty fun time!  We got to see a lot of animals, people and tractors.  We looked at amazing junk we don't need and beautiful quilts, carefully and artfully stitched.  We saw the massive pumpkins, honey bees and 4-H projects.  

Because the grandparents were there to help, we didn't lose anyone and sore feet always had a place to rest.

I suppose it's a good thing she is small because she was on Papa's shoulders a lot.

Grandma even bought us caramel apples.  They were amazing.  (Don't worry, the boys got treats, too.  Just not in this picture.)

One of the best parts of the trip was the "boys."  Zachery was visiting his mom, so we just had Danny and Tony.  Tony (in the green) has several developmental issues including autism and Down's Syndrome.  When he came to my parent's home two years ago, he showed absolutely NO emotion, wouldn't look anyone in the face, and seemed to not even be aware of his surroundings.  Now, though he wouldn't move unless someone was holding his hand, he is a completely different kid.

The changes are subtle and slight to the random observer, but we can see a huge change.  He smiled through the whole fair.  He leaned in toward the animals and tried to touch them.  Once, when he got to feel a basket of alpaca wool, his whole body was excited as he reacted to the pillowy pile.  It was fun to witness.

Then, there is Daniel.

Good grief, Daniel!  He is kissing that sheep!  He was wishing all of the animals a Happy Birthday.  This Llama wasn't interested in being petted, but Danny wouldn't give up.  Every time his hand got close, the Llama would back away.  "C-c-come ON!"

Every ten minutes, some of the random people at the fair would stop him to say hi to Daniel.  They weren't just being nice to a Down's kid, they all knew him!  I was quite surprised at his fame.  

On the way to the fair, I asked him if he was excited to see the pigs.  "I like beef-pigs," was his reply.

"Do you want to see the chickens?"

"I like b-b-beef chickens!"

"Do you want to see the sheep?"  

Yep, you guessed it.  He also likes beef-sheep.   

Daniel doing his best Vanna White, "Ohh, looook.  Here are the beef-sheep."

It was a lovely afternoon.  I'm set for the next ten years.


  1. It was a great time! I loved watching the kids. Reminds me of the first time I took Alicia to the fair in Colfax.

    "Look at the size of those @@@@s" well, she was looking at pigs....the boy versions!

    I know the older gentlemen standing nearby were quite amused..

    I think it shocked her.

  2. What a FUN day!!!! Loved all of your pictures.

    I was thinking about going to the fair this year, but we have way too many little ones for it to be much fun. Going with that's the way to do it!!!